Marin Knitters' Guild

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Proposed programs for October 2023 to September 2024
October 14
New programs offered + documenst for hems (Nazee)
November 11
Sit and knit and collecting hat and scarves donations.
Bring your embarrassing projects.
December 9
Potluck +Gifts for Christmas collection of donations for Radhika
January 13, 2024
Sit and knit
February 10
A talk about pioneers of today's knitting (Barbara Walker and her books) (Sandee)
March 9
Sit and knit
April 13
Beaded Necklace (Nazee)
May 11
Sit and knit
June 8
Ergonomics (Sandee)
July 13
Sit and knit
August 10
Let's talk about your favorite books. Bring the ones you like and be ready to talk about them.
September 14
Sit and knit

Other programs we have in mind maybe for next year:
1. Pony Bead row counter
2. Brioche with Shelley
3. I-cord and Applied I-cord
4. Steeks
5. Chinese Waitress Cast On with crochet hook by Jan
6. Favorite tools