Marin Knitters' Guild

The Marin Knitters' Guild is located in Marin County, California. The guild was established in 1987 to promote interest in the craft and workmanship of knitting. While our name states Marin Knitters' Guild, today our membership hails from the counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano and Sonoma as well as Marin.

Knitters with all levels of experience are welcome to participate. We encourage beginners to join and learn from the experienced. The Guild draws on the talent and expertise of its membership and the knitting and fiber-arts community at large for programs and workshops.

Visitors are welcome to all Marin Knitters' Guild meetings. We ask that you join us with your paid membership on your second meeting, so that we may continue to support our programs. Dues are $30 annually, payable at the September meeting, and includes a monthly newsletter containing the previous meeting's minutes.

For information about the meeting place and how to get there, please check out our Contact Us page.

We have mini-workshops in most meetings offered by experienced guild members or local knitting teachers. In addition, we work for charitable causes, group projects and go on fun field trips. From time to time, we invite National teachers to have workshops for us. These workshops allow for a more intensive study of design or technique.

Marin Knitters' Guild

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